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Internet-Marketing Along with the constant growth of the internet, new technologies and how search engines like Google collect and use data, website marketing has also had to constantly progress. Many of the techniques used to market a website in the past can now get you banned by search engines. Even though basic website marketing has remained the same many new techniques have become increasingly popular ways to market a business. One of the best ways to market a new or old website is with article marketing. Article marketing is basically free unless you choose to outsource the work. Article marketing is a simple way to market a website. Its simply writing articles related to your product or service that you’ll then submit to article directories and post on your websites, blogs, and forum in an effort to build traffic to your website and to make money, most importantly. As an editor for Article Post an owner and Seo of various websites Ive created 10 great tips that I use and will help you get started building traffic and making money with article marketing. To start, you write articles to then be published online. Write the articles with a specific target market in mind. When writing the article, ensure that the article has relevant information. If the article isnt relevant or a self server ad for your website, it may not even get added to article directories you submit it to and if it does get added it will not attract web traffic that includes prospective consumers. It is very important that the article contain accurate, useful information on whatever your articles subject is based on. Spend some time reviewing articles based on your target market to see whats being read and information being provided. Do a keyword search on your target and see what people are searching for; this is usually a good sign of what information you should base the article for your target. In order to make money and build traffic with article marketing, you must ensure that the article is appropriate for your target market, and you have provided all the necessary information about your product or service, information for which your target market is looking. When the article is completed, it should be proof read by another person and checked for any grammatical spelling and typos. Proofreading and editing is very important to make a good article. Your credibility could be reduced in the eyes of your readers. In many cases you may lose customers as a result of sloppiness. Follow white hat techniques where the information is genuine and appropriate; otherwise, such a website will be barred from the search engines. When writing your articles keep them precise and to the point. If the article is written in an awkward manner, it will lead to confusion that makes the reader lose interest in the article. When you layout your article it should have an introduction to the topic that introduces the readers to the topic, follow that by paragraphs that have the topic and then a conclusion to your topic. Using the above layout gives the readers a way to understand your article and you will be able to convey your message better to your readers. Articles with lists such as this one are also popular. Another way of making the article attain high SEO rankings is the use of keywords in your articles. Keywords is one of the old basics that is still essential to your website or article ranking high in most search engines. Adsense and Adwords is the most popular way to earn additional money, and you can use your article marketing to promote those products you’ve created and your Adsense ads or another internet marketer has created. One more useful tip that should be remembered that answers how to make money with article marketing is to make the article simple and lively in order to make the reader enjoy reading the article. A way of making the article more enriched is to include links to other websites that might help your readers. Remember they need to be helpful your readers not self full filling links and ads. Last but not least, it is necessary to upload and submit the article online, so it can be accessed by numerous people, who may well be converted into new customers. There are a vast about of article submission websites that will submit your articles to article directories for free and websites that charge a fee. There are also lists of article directories available on line if you want to submit it to each directory yourself. As with any business the success of good article marketing does not end there. You have to frequently write and upload new articles. Article marketing is not a one time magic pill like everything else it requires you to work at it, consistently posting new articles. You will see an increase in traffic and back links after the first article is submitted the rest is up to you. Out sourcing all the steps to article marketing is a technique used by many webmasters presently and also another option you have. Good luck and have fun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: