Dos And Donts Of Bulk Email Marketing 萨摩耶吃穷交警队 幼儿园甜点现铁钉

UnCategorized A good bulk email marketing campaign can really give your business a boost. Whether you’re trying to increase sales or drive more traffic to your site, an email marketing solution, that’s done right, will produce the results you need. Unfortunately, not everyone uses bulk email marketing responsibly. Organizations and individuals take shortcuts to get more out of their bulk marketing campaign without having to do the work. When unethical, and even illegal, methods are used it puts a business at risk. Being labeled as a spammer could quickly result in being banned from certain servers, being blacklisted by mail servers, bring legal trouble to the organization, and most importantly, damage trust with potential customers. While a majority of people who employ black hat marketing techniques do so with the full knowledge that what they are doing can result in these consequences, innocent businesses find themselves being labeled as spammers simply because they failed to utilize some of the best practices that go along with mass email campaigns. Why Best Practices Make All the Difference with Bulk Email Marketing – Best practices serve as a guide. For anyone new to something, they provide an important road map that can keep them on the right path. Staying on path not only keeps you out of trouble, but it will help keep your bulk marketing campaign focused on delivering the desired results. Best practices for bulk email marketing can be broken down into a series of "dos" and "don’ts": The Dos *Seek permission to send emails to customers, prospects and readers. *Use the double opt-in or at least single opt-in subscription approach to avoid mistakes. *Make sure to include a working unsubscribe link or email address on all emails. *Immediately honor unsubscribe requests – no exceptions. *Publish your privacy policy relating to the use of information gathered in your email list members. *Make sure your privacy policy is easy to find and easy to read. *Develop a policy/strategy to re-opt-in subscribers that you have not been in communication with. *State your intentions whenever you send bulk email marketing to your subscribers. You can see that all of the dos focus on building your reputation with those who receive your emails. Being upfront and honest and not having to rely on trickery means that your recipients are targeted and qualified, not blind. The Don’ts *Pre-check email subscription/sign-up boxes. You are simply harvesting email addresses from people who aren’t really interested in what you have to say, were just too lazy to uncheck the box, or they didn’t see it. *Don’t ever mislead recipients with false form names, misleading subject lines or deceptive offers. Being dishonest won’t do your organization any good. All it will accomplish is a destruction of trust that your subscribers have in your organization. *Email your subscribers more frequently than they would reasonably expect to hear from you. Like the list of dos, the don’ts focus on keeping your subscribers happy. When it comes to bulk email marketing your goal is to increase business, and people don’t do business with organizations they don’t like or don’t trust. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: