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500 "black Steamed Buns" reporter An Wenyuan Qin Sihai correspondent in Washington "love my home" special action in Dalian a messy rental day, Xigang District Public Security Bureau to effectively safeguard the vital interests of the masses, the further purification of Xigang District food and drug safety, every Duandiao a long special selling Steamed Buns the black dens, seized substandard Steamed Buns more than 500, two suspected illegal suspects were controlled. In November 18th, the Xigang branch of Lok Street police station police "found love my home" special rectification publicity in the area: located in Zhaolin street Xigang District No. 49 a street door room there are people suspected of illegal production of qualified Steamed Buns. In the afternoon, the police rushed into the dark rental house. I saw the real internal chaos, smell smell, stir machine rumbling beside it, and just a large tub and a few hundred in plastic bags with the Steamed Buns being thrown on the ground, two poorly dressed men and women are living in, the police on the spot will be two people on the spot and seized a large amount of control. The Steamed Buns. The investigation, Yemou and Wang Department to even from Jilin couple. Two years ago rented the first room, in the absence of formal business formalities, bought a flour stirring machine, specializing in the manufacture of "black Steamed Buns" business, the average daily production of more than 500 health unqualified Steamed Buns, in addition to swing while in their store sell, most are sold near the market the hotel site, and other places, a total profit of 2 yuan. At present, two people confessed to the crime of selling and selling substandard steamed bread, and the case is under further work.

大连一脏乱出租屋内每天做500个“黑馒头”   本报记者安文元 通讯员秦四海   本报讯 在“爱我家园”专项行动中,西岗区公安分局为切实维护广大群众的切身利益,进一步净化西岗区食品药品安全环境,一举端掉了一个长期专门制售馒头的黑窝点,当场查获不合格馒头500余个,两名涉嫌违法的嫌疑人被控制。   11月18日,西岗分局民乐街派出所组织警力在辖区内进行“爱我家园”专项整治宣传时发现:位于西岗区兆麟街49号的一处临街门头房内有人涉嫌非法制作不合格的馒头。当天下午,民警冲进了昏暗的出租屋内。只见房内脏乱不堪,异味扑鼻,一台隆隆作响的搅面机旁,刚和好的一大盆面和几百个装在塑料袋的馒头被随意扔在地上,两名衣着破旧的男女正在埋头作活,民警当场将两人控制,并当场查扣了大量已做好的馒头。   经查,叶某和王某系从吉林来连的夫妻俩。两年前租下该门头房后,在无正规经营手续的情况下,购置了一台搅面机,专门从事制造“黑馒头”的行当,平均每天制作500余个卫生不合格的馒头,除在自家店门口摆摊售卖外,大部分销往附近的市场、饭店及工地等处,共获利2万余元。目前,两人对自己制售不合格馒头的犯罪事实供认不讳,案件正在进一步工作中。相关的主题文章: