400 kinds of color line 8 hours a day, Qianyang embroidered mother for half a year and a half embroi synnex

400 kinds of color line every day for 8 hours, Qianyang embroidered mother for half a year and a half embroidered 4 meters long silk newspaper, "too delicate"!" "It’s a great job!" In October 30th, Qianyang County show Ping embroidered village rentouzandong, a 4 meter long "long silk silk" attracted all the loud shouts of applause (see below). Reporters learned that this is the Qianyang embroidery Niang Wang Xiuping spent a year and a half of the time has just completed the embroidery works, to show the prosperity of the ancient Silk Road, a vivid interpretation of the thousands of years ago the communication between China and Western countries. Qianyang county is an important stage of the ancient Silk Road and China folk art embroidery Town, I hope that by virtue of his craft combination." Born in Qianyang Wang Xiuping childhood love of embroidery, so far, has been engaged in the West Embroidery Research and development for 20 years, went to Suzhou to study and training, continuously improve the embroidery embroidery skills, also won prizes in several provinces and cities exhibition. She told reporters, by chance, she saw a painter on the ancient Silk Road paintings on the Internet, making her eyes bright, so determined to copy this picture for embroidery works. "From the beginning of April 2015, I embroidered about 8 hours a day, with more than 400 kinds of color lines, it will be completed." Wang Xiuping said, the character costumes, decorations and facial expressions embroidered difficult, she embroidered with a pencil hook edge map, the embroidery process, she also to Suzhou embroidery master to ask, the acupuncture and Western Southern embroidery features concise delicate advantages to achieve the perfect combination. The reporter saw this piece of "long silk silk road" as the background to the desert, images of many characters, large scale, people involved in many countries. Long silk characters in riding and riding camels, walking, kneeling…… All abnormal facial expressions and gestures of vivid, vivid. It is reported that there are merchants put forward the intention of collecting works. (Baoji daily Zhang Liping, Yang Haijun)相关的主题文章: