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19 in the case of lost children per 2 people died in the children’s Metro bus recovered by public transport, children are easily distracted, the surrounding environment to attract. Special topics – Guo Suying and author information times reporter Guo Suying Liang Jianmin photo Information Times reporter Ye Wei reported "lost children, please help us find……" You must have seen this information more than once in a circle of friends. With the development of information tools, children around the missing information seems to be more and more. Many of the lost children managed to get it back, but a few of them failed to recover. Every time I look for not only affects the hearts of the lost family, but also affects the hearts of every ordinary mother: in case I lost my baby how should I do? Why children lost? Lost how to do? What methods can be found back? To the school season, the topic for children lost, the Information Times reporter visited the public security departments in Guangzhou, transportation and social organizations, hoping to inform the public how to find children. Within two weeks of the child lost two times, I did not expect the child lost within the next two weeks, Ms. Yang, who came to work in the child had lost the experience of the two time. MS Yang family in Tianhe District Jubei, had 3 sons. In August 17th this year, the eldest son lost in BRT station Jubei, culminating in the BRT staff’s help, the day back. Did not expect a similar situation occurred again. Only a week in August 23rd, Ms. Yang found that 3 sons were not at home, she searched for the failed, so the alarm to the police station jubei. With the help of the police finally found the two son and the son of the three. Subsequently, the eldest son was also found missing. But not every time the child was so lucky to lose, some children lost, when it is sad to find back. In March this year, the media reported the 12 year old autistic boy Ye Zirong, near the city of Guangzhou in Tianhe District Longdong poly boundless forest villa lost contact after the period, the police dispatched search and rescue team, the media widely advertised, netizens actively forwarding. Unexpectedly, in the end the police found Ye Zirong cold body. Information from the police show that in Guangzhou this year, the media reported 19 cases of missing children, among them, 17 cases were successfully recovered. Data subway BRT lost 70% of children is only a case of thousands of lost children. Due to the statistical difference of missing children, the public security departments have not released accurate data. We can only learn from a small range of one or two: in the Ministry of public security information release platform for children missing, a total of a month released information on the 61, a total of children back to the top 46. According to Yang Yang Guangzhou special children’s parents Club responsible person, Guangzhou lost about 12 children each month. According to incomplete statistics, this year, the media reported the results of the public feedback Guangzhou children lost 19 cases. Among them, the successful recovery of 17 cases, the tragic death of the 1, the death of the 1. Most of them have lost population transportation experience, the reporter from the in vehicle tracing, children accounted for 70%. From the Guangzhou Department of transportation.相关的主题文章: