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100 thousand courier contracts less than 3 enterprises should pay attention to the people: "did not think we can become news lead, thank you, thank you for", "cheap labor achievements of cheap express, and the achievements of China’s electricity supplier development. But this is not a sustainable development model, to protect the labor rights of couriers, so that they truly become a member of the staff"…… Yesterday, Shen Tong, SF and other courier companies will pay more attention to the development of the position, said the courier, to provide effective protection for them. Do not sign the contract is bound to be less and less yesterday, STO and other relevant responsible person said, will pay more attention to the internal labor relations, focusing on individual development of employees, and promote the progress of the industry as a whole. For the 100 thousand express "little brother" signed the contract less than 30% of the current situation, STO limited human resources manager Zhou Siwei said, "no contract" employees will be more less. Whether it is from the personnel management, or from the policy radiation, we will strive to put all direct, contract point employees are included in the management category. Now, all the stores have signed a contract; in the future, join point will become more and more standardized." He pointed out that, in addition, companies began to focus on improving the quality of staff input. "We organized in ascending class, all the staff can attend, improve themselves; through the whole network competition ability, let the courier gradually grow into management talents. It can be said that everyone has the opportunity to promote." He said, now the company has a significant growth in the proportion of college students, staff qualifications have increased, which means that the courier industry talents will be more and more, the industry will gradually standardize. During the interview, a number of courier companies admitted that the system is constrained by the domestic development and the overall level of the domestic express industry, China’s express delivery companies and management experience is still a certain gap. "This is not a short duration of time to catch up, but will pay more attention to protect the interests of the courier, will become more and more perfect." Express a network outlets responsible person responded by saying. Really sink to the staff in order to provide practical protection, the union is the home of all employees, courier companies can also set up trade unions to protect the rights and interests of employees?" In the interview, some express questions. Insiders pointed out that in fact the current 23000 express enterprises are trade unions, but mostly served by the relevant personnel human resources and other administrative positions, which led to the maintenance of inadequate protection to a certain extent. "The union set up for the independent sector, to provide more channels down to earth protection for employees." SF EXPRESS union official said, in recent years has formed a series of regulations system, chairman of the trade union and employee monthly face-to-face communication, discussion the chance of not less than 8 times; in addition, opened the hotline staff, listening to their troubles and confusion. These initiatives will undoubtedly serve as a bridge between trade unions and employees. For example, the reason for the deduction of wages and other common circumstances, the courier can help us, we will intervene, coordinate and solve." Data show that the average annual employee hotline only SF Shanghai region will receive 2000 to 3000 phone inquiries. In addition, trade unions will be generated in each region, reflecting the aspirations of employees相关的主题文章: